Thorns That I Keep

"Make us suffer like no other" - Beach House

1. There are so many things in this life to feel regret about. The letters I didn't send, the wisdoms I didn't follow, the form I didn't fill, and the doors I didn't open. All the regrets do not lead me here, but they lead me back to the past. To the seconds where I didn't think thoroughly about things.

2. When I put my trust on fate, fate brought me somewhere else. The fate didn't betray me. I betrayed myself. I let myself be the one who I've become today instead of the one who I wanted to be.

3. But we all do that most of the time. All the letters and the doors I left, I never learn anything from them. I never learn anything from regret. I keep committing the same mistake. When I read the entries in my journal, I found that I was never lost. I was never on the wrong path. I was never lonely. And when regret hits me, that's where I know how estranged I am.

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