The Awesome Masculine Show

"There's a circle of witches, ambitiously vicious they are.
Our attempts to remind them of reason won't get us that far.
I don't know what it is that they want but I haven't got it to give."
Arctic Monkeys

1. 'THE AWESOME MASCULINE SHOW'. Yeah. For real, that was my 'show' when I was in Lendu. It was during second semester I developed the show and I was the only student who got his own 'show' in class. I was in love with Listening and Speaking class. The show really inspired me to be more confident in front of the people. My friends was the audience, and the class was the stage. I was the host. I was the main character. I was David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Ellen Page. It was glory at that time.

2. And now, I met Public Speaking. Just like Listening and Speaking, but this time, we only have to learn how to speak. Not listen. And's more dull and boring. No excitement. Unlike during my days in Asasi. When everyone wanted to speak. Everyone had the enthusiast and passion or energy to share their thoughts and stories with the others. They, my amigos, got their own class in giving speech.  Everyone had that. They didn't care about people's perception. The only thing that they got, were their own guts, attitude and stories. That's all. No big deal.

3. Since I came here. I didn't come up with my show anymore. 'THE AWESOME MASCULINE SHOW' has stopped its screening. No audience. No more awesomeness. I'm no longer David L, Conan O or Ellen P. I'm just an irksome person somewhere from nowhere. Glory 0, Obscurity 1.

2 comment(s):

aku said...

i miss u and your "gayness" :)

fthlnzm said...

my 'gayness' was one of my hocruxes. and it was destroyed by my own anxiety towards 'new people'