"Everyone has an opinion.
Few have educated opinions."
-The Illuminati

1. The idea where the people must act based on their appearance is sometimes off the wall and illogical but reasonably true. Here's the situation. If you were from Sekolah Agama, then, you must wear jubah and serban all the time. And once you wear both of them, you must act piously. You are not allowed to do this and that. Same goes to the hijabist. In this case, those who wear 'tudung labuh' or proper hijab. You are not allowed to listen to rock songs, watch k-dramas, or socialize with free-haired girls. The problem with OUR society is that, we have a lot of taboos. We have more don'ts than dos.

2. But is this idea applicable to all situations? No. Look. Is it wrong if a boy who never miss a prayer, listens to metal songs? I'd say, NO! If you judge a person based on what they listen to, you better off your laptop and do something to realize the meaning of life. I don't want to talk about metal, punk and grunge music. The main thing is, this question : "Which one will define us? The thought of OUR society towards us or how do we do or act in public?"


3. In Islam, if certain things are wrong, it means wrong. If swearing or 'mencarut' is wrong, it means wrong. But honestly, I'm not a person who mark other people as bad people easily just because they use profanity in their speech. Woah. It's the way they talk. So, it's their freedom. There are two types of bad language. First, words that are sound offensive but not too explicit. In malay, we have 'sial' (not so lucky), 'laknat' (doomed to hell) and that one animal with its scientific name, Sus. These are quite acceptable since they are commonly used to describe catastrophic events (in some cases). Secondly, words that are sound very offensive and they are usually consist of sexual slurs such as f-word in English, and some private parts in Malay Language. Islam teaches us to speak in a proper manner.  Speak like a real Muslim. When I say 'real Muslim', I mean 'awesome Muslim'. And when I say 'awesome Muslim', I mean those who follow the sunnah. But if you still want to use bad language, it depends on you. It's your mouth anyway. *psst. I know, you are afraid if people mark you as 'hypocrite' when you try to become a good person*.

4. So, how about those girls who wear 'tudung' but use bad language especially the second type one? I don't want to talk about this but allow me to tell you one thing. If one day I have a daughter, I will teach her the proper manner in speech. And yet, she will get a great punishment if one day I find out she curses and uses bad language. Remember, we're living in a judgmental society. And the worst part is, sometimes, their judgements are true.

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Fatihah Mhd Ashhadi said...

I agree. But I can't actually say I don't swear, but I keep it low. No need to actually say it 24/7.

fthlnzm said...

it's okay. it can be coped, really. believe me. the last time i swore was when in standard 6.

amira mustafa said...

Lelaki mahal= lelaki tak mencarut,tak merokok

Lysha Norazri said...

Assalamualaikum. I like your blog and keep continue writing :)

fthlnzm said...

miera : belum. tu belum dikira mahal. tu dikira average punya harga. paling mahal = berakhlak dengan akhlak Nabi dan para sahabat. :)

lysha : w'salam. thank you, junny! :)