Am I Running Away?

1. This is just a random post. I don't know what to write, but the urge to update my blog is insane. I wonder if this is going to be a surrealism post. But who cares? At least, I want to write something and nothing can stop me for the love of triangle.

2. Tomorrow is going to be a big day I guess. I have an interview to attend and I can't tolerate myself to keep calm. Not because I'm nervous. But the interview will be held in Lendu. And when I say Lendu, I mean, UiTM Lendu, my Alma mater. It's a precious place for me (and also for my fellow TESL-mates).


3. So, tomorrow, I'll have an interview for Degree in Masscomm (Journalism). I can't write more about this. I mean, about what I feel - either I really want to pursue my study in UiTM again, or what. But the thing is, I must attend the interview as the symbol of appreciation towards this chance that has been given by Allah.

4. I'm waiting for the plot-twist.

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ainuladiba92 said...

best of luck, fatahul...:)
it reminds me of my matriculation day when i went to the interview for mascom too. i went to uitm Melaka for the interview a day before my finals in semester 2.

fthlnzm said...

thank you kak diba.

i'm not expecting too much for the interview. i'm going just to get new experience. insyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki dapat pun, i will still consider it. :)

SiNIcHI kUDo said...