"Ready for the worst;
before the damage was done."

1. I just finished my third sem with the last paper few days ago. It was a semester full of incessant and frantic things that I almost lost in people's dramatic zest. And it happened really fast as well. It was tough for me because after a few months of break before the semester started, I began to lose hope and I didn't want to continue my study in Unissa anymore. Luckily, (as an impostor who love to pretend and be fake in all circumstances), I managed to get my shits together and stuck them good never let them run away.

2. And now, I am on my sem break. I don't know why in the blue hell did Unissa only give 20 days for this break like why oh why. Because of this, I don't know what to plan for this holidays - except, attending my friend's wedding ceremony, finishing DUBLIN and my manuscript, as well as getting prepared for the upcoming forth semester.

3. By the time I write this, I really miss my stage performance last month, Of Najla.

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Anonymous said...

Unissa? Kat Brunei?