Of Penang and Fading Scars

"Your shadow follows me all day
making sure that I'm okay.
And we're a million miles away."
- Karen O

1. I was in Penang last week with my girls; Aisyah, Neng, Wanie and Izni. For one week, we had a lot of fun. We went to so many fancy spots including Bukit Bendera, Chowrasta and Gurney. I was so fascinated by the beauty of Penang in which I would describe it as a young man with a lot of surprises. Many people (including Penangites themselves) claim that Penang is a brusque city. Of course young men would sometimes look impolite but they still care about other people especially strangers right? Only when they mingle among themselves, they would show their blunt side. Compare to Melaka, they might look similar since both were Straits Settlements. Yet Penang has this different vibe that would put it in a different league and will never bro-fist his brother, Melaka. LOL.

2. Though, the best thing about this vacation is not Penang in total. But our bond as friends (almost siblings). With them girls around me, I felt so happy that I almost cried realizing how exceptional and significant they are to me. Whenever I'm with them, it feels like home. I was so damaged during these past three months and never had the gut to tell anyone about my problem. But in the slit of scars on my wrist, they planted tulips and daffodils.

3. This friendship, hoping it will last, has taught me a lot of things. Thanks to Him for granting me these lovely people who care about me when I was in absolute self-destruct state. The memories that were created and all the things that will come, we will be there for each other and survive together. To all my girls:

including Izni,
whatever happens in and out,
I will always love you girls.

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