How To Survive in Babylon

"When the Armageddon's dark and dread,
a lot of weak are to weep and moan.
Only the strong will continue.
Do you have it in you?"
- Damian Marley

1. This is a quick post. I don't want to talk too much. Now, considering the fact that we are living in a world full of conflicts, Triumph and Disaster, manipulation of truth and trust, betrayal, love and hate, have you  ever asked yourself what are you doing in this world? What is the ultimate purpose of your existence in this world?


2. Imagine that this world is a dystopia when one day, the governments (in this case, all the powerful governments on Earth) decide to undertake a massive massacre. Their plan is to give permission to stay alive in this planet only for those who are actually can contribute to the Earth and have their own specific and relevant function in this world while abolish those who give harm, danger, and can't usher our world in prosperity and peace.

3. Ask yourself, if the rule is put into effect, what is the relevance of your actuality? What are your reasons to stay alive?

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Afiqah Ashari said...

as for me, i have given up to ponder things (life) so much as i just live it. sounds aimless but it helps me escape my overthinking activity.

still, finding reasons to live is essential.

so, yeah, good post for the mind to ponder.