Of Revolutionary

 "Thinking is absolute, and important so yes I did it. 
I chose: no labels. I suppose I don't want to fall
too much out of an identity."
- Fatihah Ashhadi.

1. Since she asked me to describe her, and as a reply to her post about me (here), I guess, I have the right to write about her. An appreciation is a must for this girl. So, allow me, please.

2. It was in 2012 where I met Fatihah Ashhadi. Accidentally discovered her tumblr, the first things that caught my eyes were her obsession towards classical music, piano, and all the classy stuffs (extra: Alexandria, Egypt since she's reading Medicine there). As far as I concern, she's the classiest girl I've ever met. She got a graceful and stylish in appearance personality or shall I say, elegant and lovely.

3. Then, thru her tumblr, I found her twitter and facebook. She followed me back on twitter and our first conversation was about classical music. I never thought that she was so nice (i'm sorry, Fatihah. lol) since usually, classy girls are quite fanatic towards their title. But she's different and I fancy her. And at the end of our conversation, she shared with me a playlist consists of some epic classical music such as Franz Liszt's Love Dream. Since that, I (we) realize that we have a lot of things in common.

4. She's now studying Medicine in Alexandria. I never meet her face-to-face. We share our thoughts and feelings thru internet. Our conversations are usually about sentimental feelings, future, our past, common problems with people around us and some fancy stuffs. And every time I talk to her, there's a bliss in the end of the conversation. Undoubtedly, she's a nice person especially towards her friends.

5. That's all from me, Fatihah. I don't know how to describe you in total but correct me if I am wrong in illustrating you. I'm wishing you a happy life, girl. I mean it.

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Fatihah Mhd Ashhadi said...


Thank you lots! I actually didn't think we'll make it as online friends but I'm glad I did anyway. (Maybe bcs you're awesome that way)

Impressions are nice but y'know, it's always nice for us to meet and hang out one day so that we'll get to know each other in real life better. :D Maybe when I get back insyaAllah. Hopefully! I really hope so!

And of course, I wish a happy life for you too. :')

Afiqah Ashari said...

oh man, i tumpang terharu :')

fthlnzm said...

@fatihah : hahaha. yeah. you asked me to describe you, so this is it. insyaAllah. if we get the chance, it's not a problem for us to meet. :)

@afiqah : hahaha. i know. i guess, you're one lucky friend of hers. :)

Afiqah Ashari said...

we're cousins to be exact but yes, friend is no wrong too ;)

and the tag: special one. aww~

fthlnzm said...

you guys are cousins?? woahh. cool.

hey, 'special one' means special topic for a post. lol.