Of Posers

"He's the one who likes all our pretty songs
and he likes to sing along 
and he likes to shoot his gun 
but he knows not what it means 
knows not what it means when I say 'Yeahh'."
- Nirvana

1. I hate posers. And this in post, I will talk about posers. Literally, theoretically, and definitely about posers. Why? They pretend to be a fan of certain bands or cultures, but the don't know for what purpose. They don't know why. They just like it. If it makes them cool, they will 'worship' it, wear it, use it, and become a dog that doesn't know why it does that. Don't tell me that I don't know what is the meaning of poser. I know it and that's why I write about it.

2. Example of a poser. You said you love and adore Butterfingers. But the only song that you listen to is 'Mati Hidup Kembali'. You love them. But you don't know what are they delivering. When I ask you "do you know The Chemistry, Doomsday Out, Fire Is A Curse, Skew?" you don't know what in the blue hell are those and never heard of em even. But you cheep-cheep 'Mati Hidup Kembali' all the time to your girlfriend to impress her.

3. The only thing that makes these posers listen to these bands or adore some rebellious-look subcultures, is because they want to look cool. I repeat, they want to look cool. Not more than that. Period. They want to impress others. Music and culture is not about blowing people away. Remember those days in 90s where bootboys and punks hated each other (or maybe you don't..it's okay)? They were wrong. The just obsessed with their culture and mocked who were not under the same label as theirs.

4. I know a real grunge listener who wrote some good books/novels. His ex-girlfriend was also a Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden listener. They wrote in the sense of cobainism. Whatever they criticize, condemn, and complaint, all of em lead to cobainism. Even the girl was a free thinker, but whatever she said, does make sense. I know a punk who was an icon. He created his music because of his anarchy ideology. Not to impress others. Punk was about anarchy where you defeat the corrupted and false authority and love each other in terms of humanity. Not about become a jerk and piss everyone off. That's wrong. I know an Alesana listener who's very good at public speaking and got an intelligent and critical way of thiking. I know a girl who listens to Mozart and Rachmaninoff. She's a doctor-to-be, a good observer and a great classy woman with a noble attitude.

5.  I also know a poser who pretends to love Metallica. But she's not a critical speaker. Not a critical listener. Not even an idealist woman. Why? Because she listens to Metallica to impress others. To impress guys. Metallica tells us about peace, respect and hatred that we ought to control. But those personification don't exist in this brat's heart. She doesn't respect other people. She hates everyone. I also know a guy who pretends to love The Ramones but he's too proud with his fascism and discriminates weak people.

6. It's different between a poser and a fresh newcomer in a certain culture. If you, for the first time, listen to Nirvana, go on. I'm okay. You listen to their songs and I'll be good. And then you become a good fan of em. You know what Kurt tried to implement in his songs. But please, don't adore them because you want to look cool or what. Kurt hates you. A newcomer knows what he's listening to. That's the difference between him and a poser. Or I can simply say, a poser, 'tak pernah ikhlas bila dengar muzik.'

7. Look. It's okay if you don't dress like them. It's 2013. These cultures are forever about ideology. If you have a passion towards punk culture, don't force yourself to dress like Sid. Even an anarchy like Noam Chomksy doesn't have a mowhawk hairstyle. If you love grunge, don't force yourself to take drugs coz Kurt hates that. Even Dave Grohl is now no longer destroy the stage after a performance. At least, understand what they were trying to say sincerely.

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