Caped Crusaders

"I wanna hide. I wanna sleep."
- Fatihah Ashhadi

1. There was a post that criticized Unissa's system in Unissa Student Society Group on Facebook. The post was written with a pseudonym, 'Son Go Han' by an unknown writer. I believe no one knows who is him. He criticized about Unissa's system (and those who are behind system) such as course registration, mentor-mentee programme (not all cases), and how this corrupted system makes Unissa fall far behind other universities.

2. There's another Caped Crusader named 'Nuqman Hanafi'. He rose during Medsi crisis that was encountered by UiTM Foundation in TESL students from all three campuses - Lendu, Shah Alam and Kuantan. The reason why I say he's caped is because according to all three campuses, there's no one named Nuqman Hanafi from their batch. He might be an imposter (and he admit it on 'his' facebook). He sent a letter to Berita Harian and at that time, compared to Son Go Han, he railed against the whole Medsi and UPU system altogether and questioned how in the hell of Mordor does this Medsi test become relevant.

3. Question, why both of them had to hide when they wanted to criticize something? Because sometimes, face-to-face negotiation will end with bullshets. And furthermore, "man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde.

4. It's true. Truth must be delivered without considering who in the blue hell you are. You have to set the truth forth if you know it's for good. This is real life. We have no Batman and Spiderman. But these two imposters Go Han and Nuqman are fighting in their own way. They know the systems are drunk and not making any sense. If they reveal themselves, the autocrats will hate them. The Babylon will hunt them and punish them. So, they hide because the world is sick and not because they are afraid. After finished their mission, they continue to sleep because the only thing that they could do to achieve their dream for a better world is be asleep. The world is sick that they, and even we, can't stand it.

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