1. Are our paths moving in parallel? I don't think so. I don't even ask you to understand the choice that I've made. Not even bother you to hold my hand and guide me along the road. Because at the same time, you've already chosen your path. I used to believe that, even though our paths were different, we moved in parallel. Sadly, I was wrong.

2. But now I know. It's not your fault that makes me gasping for hope. It's not because of your existence, I believe in reality. And when Murakami told me, "reality is endlessly cold and lonely", I ask myself, "what's the meaning of reality?" What's the purpose of living in realism if things aren't occurred accordingly to our logic. If two people show attraction to each other, by using our reasoning that restricts the principle of validity, we assume that both persons can end up being together.

3. But hell no. No no no. Reality doesn't work that way. Our world doesn't depend (with full trust) on logical thinking. Reality is cold and lonely. If we rely on this, we'll end up become useless. Unfortunately, I was too late. I believed in realism. I believed that when two persons attract to each other, they will be together. And now, I'm useless.

4. Our paths are not in parallel. But I'm pretty sure, on your path, you are staring to the sky counting the stars while I'm here, alone, writing poems about stars. Because you already knew we are not in the same direction.

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