"People hate you when you're changing.
Don't let the dress trick you."
- Blonde Redhead

1. There are things around you that force you to give a shit. And you almost give a shit. But considering the fact that those things are just silly things, you back off. A question to ponder is that why you must give a damn about things that won't give you any good in return? Yes, you may join the debate (in most cases, bashing other people). But what you'll get if you win? Itupun kalau menang lah. Kalau kalah? What? Pride? Go explode yourself.


2. Ada orang berlumba-lumba untuk tunjuk dia hebat. Cakap itu, cakap ini. Bila orang like, RT, tepuk tangan, jadi bangga. Bila orang bash, emo. Why don't you just calm your ass and listen to Arctic Monkeys, watch Submarine, read John Green, play GTA, or enjoy a cup of Milo?

3. Sejak sekolah rendah lagi, aku jadi nombor dua. You know what happen to those who got 2nd place? Being forgotten. Even if you are in the top three, these people only give a shit about the 1st place. That's why, sometimes, it's better to be silent. My view towards things might be different but I'm not gonna share it. Alas, I don't know how to explain things. So if you ask me to join the 'debate of vanity', I'm not gonna bet my ass in. Rationality teaches me to be dull in words, not in act. Say what you want because me and my ass are busy listening to Radiohead.

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Anonymous said...

Salam. Ada e-mail tak? Or ada cara lain tak nak berhubung dengan u? *selain dari blog ni. Ada perkara yang nak di tanya :)

fthlnzm said...

yes. sure.