Of Najla

"I'm already cursed; I'm already dry; I'm already wonderin' what am I."
Silversun Pickups

1. It has been a while yes. Terlalu sibuk dengan bermacam hal baik penting ataupun tak. But one thing that I want to write is about my upcoming drama staging this Wednesday night. I don't expect too much for the stage performance but one thing for sure, I just want to share my work with the people especially the lecturers.

2. The story is entitled 'Of Naja'. It's a tragedy of a girl who was born ugly. Sadly, she lived in a dystopian village where the only thing that mattered was people's judgmental minds. The story might be simple and cliche but I try to present it in a way where it tries to implement the idea of 'death is the best escape'. Here, 'death' represents 'darkness' and the story shows how generous the darkness is. It's a mix of Tim Burton and Allan Poe, so do the math.

3. As I wrote, I don't expect too much. The other groups are better than me I presume. They put a lot of efforts on their works. Nevermind. Because the only thing that I hope the most is my actors and actresses can do their best on that night. I trust them more than I trust myself as a director. It's not a bad thing afterall since everyone has shown their dramatic sides. May God bless us. May God bless us.

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