Post Hiatus

"In weakness or in strength
change can be amazing."
- The NBHD

I've been away from social networking sites and real life companions for a month (I don't think one month is adequate but nevermind). Tried my best to stay away from some people by accident or nah, and through that period, I am now in the state of moksha or something like that. You know, rebirth and sheytt. Everything is new, and the way you perceive things around you also might be new. I don't know about my attitude but they say attitude and perception move in parallel. But the thing is, there are things that I've learned from this hiatus and I would like to share with you.

'Wilde Roses' // Charlotte Bronte

1. It's okay to cry when you are broken. Damn, you are human not amoeba.
2. It's okay to change because " weakness or in strength, change can be amazing."
3. Don't be afraid to lose some people in your life. They come and go for reasons. If you were worth enough to them, they would stay for you no matter what and vice versa.
4. Drink water and please have enough sleep.
5. Read books, manga, comics, or anything that can disconnect you from real life. Sometimes fictions can teach you a great deal of values than auto/biographies do.
6. It's true that trying to impress people you don't like is worthless but sometimes that's the best revenge.
7. Humans are the best impostors. 
8. Value yourself.
9. It's NOT a wrong thing if you are lonely. The best companion is always your own self.
10. Don't let your aches hurt other people. You are responsible for your own misdeeds and immaturity. 
11. Sometimes people act cruel towards you. Forgive them even if they do it intentionally.
12. Hide your pain. Smile. You'll be okay.
13. Everything happens for reasons. The time will come for you to connect all these things into one beautiful locket.
14. And lastly, there are some people or at least someone who value(s) you as a human who suffers too much. They/he/she will come to you. Just wait.
15. (p/s) Actually, living in the dark is quite nice. 

Yes. I've learned a lot. I don't think one month of hiatus is enough though. If you wonder from whom did I learn all these, please refer to point no. 9.

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miradyana said...

this is very inspiring. thanks fatah. you've taught me something important that i haven't notice and realize before :'D

fthlnzm said...

Sama sama mira. I'm glad that somebody would take this wholeheartedly